Gas Safety Certificate Engineer Birmingham

Gas safety engineer ensure a professional delivery of service and adhere to required safety standards. Engineers are not mostly qualified to do all types of gas work. Gas safe register has the authorized official list of business that are legally permissible to undertake gas related work. Customers can check if the engineer is qualified and registered through gas safety register or can also help in finding local gas safe registered engineers. Plumb Force engineering team is qualified, fully certified and registered with Gas Safe. Plumb Force ensures that each and every
engineer is fully certified and registered with Gas Safe in order to maintain safety standards and safeguard customers from any unforeseen event. In UK gas safe register is the only gas registration body which provides certificates to engineers and gas related business. Customers can check if a business is gas safe registered by entering their business registration number or the name which they using for trading. Gas Safe certificate enables the engineer in Plumb Force to observe and practice safety standards during the field work. It can give confidence to customers that their house is in safe hands because installing and repairing boilers or heating systems are risky and can be hazardous some times. Gas engineer is issued a license to perform the duties if they hold a genuine, valid and up to date certificate or qualification, further gas engineer can only work for registered business if the engineers holds both certificate and have the qualifications. Training and assessments of gas safe engineer makes the engineer more competent and reliable to perform the duties.

Gas Safety Certificate is legally required under the Gas Safety regulation 1998 to ensure that there are no gas leakages, all the gas appliances are in good working condition and your pipe work are safe to use. A suitable qualified and registered engineer is needed to carry out gas safety check. They will do all the visual check to make sure gas fitting pipe works and gas appliances are safe to use if you are selling your house or giving your house on rent to your new tenants. Safety Checklist of Gas Safe engineer include following points:

  • To certify the correct gas pressure.
  • Ensure the safety of gas appliances.
  • Guarantee safe ignition.
  • To have compliance with legislation and gas safety register.
  • Guarantees that all the gas appliances and pipe work are safe to use.

In Birmingham you can get a gas safety certificate or gas safety record by booking an appointment with Plumb Force gas safe registered engineer. Plumb Force gas safe engineer are fully professional and qualified in installation, repair and maintenance of gas related appliances. Our Plumb Force qualified engineer will record the details of the checks done on landlord gas safety record form for both the owner and the tenant. Our company engineers are reliable, competent and qualified to deliver speedy, professional and high standard service with 15 years of proven experience. Plumb Force motive and mission statement is to ensure safety, to give peace of mind and deliver satisfaction to its customers. Plumb Force takes pride in their work and complete entire given task by taking necessary consideration to get the job done right.