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Heat Only Boiler Engineers Birmingham trained in Combi Boiler Birmingham, repairs, replacement and emergency plumbing service are needed to deliver quality service with excellent customer care. Plumb Force has been there for last 15 years and has built a concrete reputation with thousands of delighted customers. Gas safe registered engineers of Plumb Force are proud to deliver speedy heat only boiler installation, repair and replacement service along with quality focused customer service. Our knowledge and expertise in field of boiler installation surpass the competitors and we make sure that customers contact us each and every time for boiler installation and Combi Boiler Birmingham service. Gas Safe engineers of Plumb Force can ensure that your boiler is operating smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Heat Only Boiler Engineers Birmingham can better assist consumers in taking the best possible care of their boilers. Plumb Force engineers are trained and specialized in following service:

  • Landlord Gas Safety Report and Boiler Service report
  • Quick responsive engineering team
  • Check the boilers safety devices
  • Check gas pressure
  • Lean and inspect condensate trap
  • Clean the burners and check the operating pressure
  • Visual Check of terminals and fittings
  • Gas analysis to check gas leakage and pressure
  • We have the necessary paperwork for your record if you want to historical issues of your boilers and give expert advice on any Boiler Repair Birmingham service

Heat only boilers are conventional boilers they require both radiator and hot water cylinder to supply hot water in water taps. This system of heat only boilers are also known as open vented heating systems. Conventional or heat only boilers are ideal for those homes where there is separate cylinder of hot water connected with hot water system. Cold water storage tank is needed to maintain the supply of water in hot water cylinders for the central heating system. Heat only boilers are best option for replacing your old boiler with heat only boilers if the radiator has become faulty. Heat only boiler requires two water tanks one to supply normal supply of water for normal use and second tank is used to supply cold water to central heating system which is heated with the help of boiler. Hot water is supplied with high pressure and in large volume as hot water is already stored in hot water cylinder. Heat only boilers can be used in homes which have multiple rooms which means it can supply hot water in several water taps at one time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heat Only Boiler

Advantages of Heat Only Boiler:

  • It is ideal for home where hot water is being used in multiple bathrooms at one time
  • Perfect for areas where water pressure is low
  • It can be operated with solar water heating systems for reduced energy costs and minimal carbon footprint11111
  • Abundant hot water supply in several water taps

    Disadvantages of Heat Only Boiler:

  • It requires a lot of space due to separate cold and hot water storage tanks
  • Hot water is not supplied instantly as sometimes hot water runs out and takes time for reheating
  • It can cause heat loss


Boiler Replacement

    More competitive pricing compared to leading brands
  • Boiler Repair Birmingham & Replacement
  • Un Vented cylinders
  • Full Heating packages
  • Bathrooms inc. Tiling
  • Gas Fires, Tap changes and other smaller jobs

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    Combi Boiler Birmingham

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